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ATI's Role in Teaching Abroad

American TESOL Institute, the pioneer institute which ventured into the sphere of providing TESOL/TEFL Certification courses and assistance to the aspiring teachers interested in teaching English abroad since 2002 has successfully achieved its mission over the years. It is still trying to broaden the horizon of activities and services. Today, ATI is recognized one of the ace institutions as far as teacher training courses are concerned. Undoubtedly ATI has rendered a new dimension to the prospect of ESL career worldwide.

ATI is ready to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of both the young and experienced teachers with its wide range of projects and programs. Some programs are essentially location specific and these are called special projects. ATI offers you special projects in exotic Asian locations like China, Thailand and Korea and even in India, Nepal and many other countries. These special projects will not only fetch you a recognized TESOL qualification but also placement for the next 4-5 months with free accommodation and other facilities like medical coverage, cost for the work permit processing, airfare etc after the successful completion of the course. It would be a great way to start an ESL career. Moreover, the teachers can explore new locations and travel worldwide with these special projects.

ATI also offers Teach and Travel Project in China, Korea and Thailand. The professionals or students get a rare opportunity to do an online TESOL course which is as valid as the onsite one and then get a placement offer in one of the locations for the next 5 months. With these projects, the teachers can earn a TESOL qualification from anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost and then travel to any one of the exotic locations to earn and explore a different culture. You need not worry about the cost of traveling as the pay packages promised by ATI will surely fetch you a comfortable living even after saving a lot.

There are also regular in class TESOL courses which involve intensive 3 weeks training and then certification. Internship is also provided to the interested teachers. Experience Certificate is given at the end of the internship. Online courses have been specially designed for the busy professionals and they are given the same kind of recognition as the onsite courses get.

With an ATI TESOL Certificate you can expect to get good ESL jobs in anywhere in the world. The institution not only provides recognized certification courses but also impressive placement services to the successful candidates. The course fees are also reasonable and they include the training charges, accommodation cost and even placement services. ATI tries to assist the teachers in visa processing and getting work permit. It helps the teachers in converting the tourist visa to work visa through the schools with which ATI works and offers placements. Placement services are offered in countries like Africa, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Middle East and Latin America.

Thus with ATI, you can have a relaxed life even when you are pursuing a different career option. You just have to pay the course fees and the rest is done by American TESOL Institute. It also offers cultural orientation which is essentially location specific to make the trainees comfortable before they join as ESL teachers in a foreign environment. ATI will train you, offer you TESOL Certification after the course, arrange for your accommodation during the course, assist you in getting good jobs in the country of your choice, visa processing, work permit procedure, provide you internship and experience certificate etc. Thus, ATI is there with you at every step of teaching English abroad. Its contribution to the field of teaching English abroad is immense and it is still trying to find out easy teaching methods and explore new locations. ATI Certificate courses are accredited by AAIEP, I EARN, SAFEA, USETTA, USDLA and ATI functions with reputed partners like Interpark Communications & Talkbean. So, once you are selected for the ATI TESOL course, you need not worry about the credibility of the qualification offered and the placement.

Apart from all these, ATI also arranges for various teaching activities, seminars and workshops from time to time to update the interested candidates about the present scenario for teaching English abroad and also to induce an interest for this different career option to the teachers of the world. ATI's contribution to the present craze and awareness for teaching English abroad cannot be ignored. It has given numerous qualified trained teachers to the world since 2002.

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Why TEFL and Teacher Training Course from ATI?

The varied online and onsite training courses offered by ATI acquaint the trainees with the innovative teaching methods and contemporary approaches helping them to shape into global teaching/training professionals. The course contents adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the courses are conducted by highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers. Moreover, ATI provides an international certification and extends all kinds of job assistance to the trainees on successful completion of the courses.

Our Different TEFL and TESOL Courses

American TESOL Institute is a globally recognized teacher training organization providing an array of multiple courses like TEFL, TESOL, EFL, ESL both in class and online mode. The TEFL courses are aimed at preparing global educators confident enough to face any classroom around the world. All the courses impart a comprehensive training on the skills and techniques required for teaching and training to a wider student base scattered across different nations ranging from young children to adult learners with completely different grasping levels.

Our Accreditation

American TESOL Institute is identified with quality and reliability and its programs are revered across America and the certificates recognized globally. The credibility of American TESOL Institute lies in the satisfaction of our students and the innumerable academic institutions and governmental bodies which acknowledge our courses. ATI is an Institution of Post Secondary Education as listed by the U.S Secretary of Education of the United States Department of Education.