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Course Outline

American TESOL Institute (ATI) is offering a full time TEFL course in the ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai. It is a 3 week in-class teachers training course available for those who are already in the field of teaching and training or want to establish themselves as a teacher. The course is a 120-hour intensive program and also provides teaching practice sessions that will prepare you with techniques and methods of TEFL so that you are prepared for the most challenging classrooms across the globe.

After completion of the course, you will get a TEFL certificate from American TESOL Institute that is valid in countries all over the world. By enrolling in this course, you will be able to avail the benefit of teaching and travelling simultaneously. The course will make you efficient in the field of EFL/ESL teaching and assist you in moving a step ahead in the process of becoming a successful teacher.

Course Fee & Duration

You can avail the course at a reasonable price of 45000 INR inclusive of GST.The payment procedure is quite simple and easy. You will receive a detailed mail regarding the payment on the confirmation of your course. The mentioned price does not include accommodation and one need to pay separately for it.


  • 27th Jan - 14th Feb 2020
  • 16th Mar - 3rd Apr 2020 (1 sat included as 25th Mar holiday for Gudi Padva)
  • 27th Apr - 15th May 2020 (class on 9th May - Sat included as 1st May holiday)
  • 25th May - 12th Jun 2020
  • 6th Jul -24th Jul 2020

About Mumbai

Mumbai located on the western coast of India is known as the financial hub of the country. The city of Mumbai will leave no stone unturned to awe you with its inspiring architecture all over the city starting from the iconic Gateway of India to the famous Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. Other popular places include the Taj Mahal Hotel, St Thomas Cathedral and many more. When in the city, you can take a walk across the city and visit the nearby popular places on foot.

The city also boasts of India’s most prolific film industry and some of Asia’s biggest slums. You can also make a visit to the largest tropical forest located in the urban part of the city. Mumbai is also known for its fast-paced life with food, fashion and festivals being the important facets of this city.

Job Opportunities

There will be no dearth of job opportunities after you pursue a course in TEFL. Asia has become the major hotspot for ESL teachers. Starting from China to South Korea to Vietnam and Cambodia, you will find ample job opportunities in these Asian countries. These countries even offer a good salary package for EFL/ESL teachers if you are experienced in teaching. Moreover, ESL jobs are not only restricted to the boundaries of Asia but has also spread its wings in Europe, Africa and South America as well. You can find a number of TEFL jobs available in interesting locations like Turkey and Egypt as well.


American TESOL Institute is supported by various global organizations and esteemed professional bodies. On the completion of the course, the candidates will be awarded a globally recognized certificate by American TESOL Institute (ATI).

This globally accepted certificate will help you to further your career as you get trained in latest approaches to English teaching and apply those in real classrooms.

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Why TEFL and Teacher Training Course from ATI?

The varied online and onsite training courses offered by ATI acquaint the trainees with the innovative teaching methods and contemporary approaches helping them to shape into global teaching/training professionals. The course contents adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the courses are conducted by highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers. Moreover, ATI provides an international certification and extends all kinds of job assistance to the trainees on successful completion of the courses.

Our Different TEFL and TESOL Courses

American TESOL Institute is a globally recognized teacher training organization providing an array of multiple courses like TEFL, TESOL, EFL, ESL both in class and online mode. The TEFL courses are aimed at preparing global educators confident enough to face any classroom around the world. All the courses impart a comprehensive training on the skills and techniques required for teaching and training to a wider student base scattered across different nations ranging from young children to adult learners with completely different grasping levels.

Our Accreditation

American TESOL Institute is identified with quality and reliability and its programs are revered across America and the certificates recognized globally. The credibility of American TESOL Institute lies in the satisfaction of our students and the innumerable academic institutions and governmental bodies which acknowledge our courses. ATI is an Institution of Post Secondary Education as listed by the U.S Secretary of Education of the United States Department of Education.