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Welcome to American TESOL Institute

American TESOL Institute, a pioneer in TEFL programs has emerged as a truly international teacher training organization offering a range of courses like TEFL, Pre and Primary Teacher Training and Train the Trainer. The globally recognized courses are known for its state of the art curriculum and professional relevance providing a wealth of opportunities for the trainees. ATI which has a strong global presence with offices in Thailand, China, India France, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Mexico, USA, UK, South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia is accredited with a large number of professional organizations worldwide and is a member of various governmental bodies. read more

Why TEFL and Teacher Training Course from ATI?

The varied online and onsite training courses offered by ATI acquaint the trainees with the innovative teaching methods and contemporary approaches helping them to shape into global teaching/training professionals. The course contents adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the courses are conducted by highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers. Moreover, ATI provides an international certification and extends all kinds of job assistance to the trainees on successful completion of the courses. read more

Our Different Courses

American TESOL Institute is a globally recognized teacher training organization providing an array of multiple courses like TEFL, Pre and Primary Teacher Training and Train the Trainer aimed at preparing global educators confident enough to face any classroom around the world. All the courses impart a comprehensive training on the skills and techniques required for teaching and training to a wider student base scattered across different nations ranging from young children to adult learners with completely different grasping levels. read more

Our Accreditation

American TESOL Institute is identified with quality and reliability and its programs are revered across America and the certificates recognized globally. The credibility of American TESOL Institute lies in the satisfaction of our students and the innumerable academic institutions and governmental bodies which acknowledge our courses like IAO, Association for Coaching, ACE Credit, Georgia Department of Education Office of Professional Learning, Florida Department of Veterans Affairs etc. read more

TEFL Course in Thailand
TEFL Course in Thailand is a 3 weeks onsite course which provides a congenial atmosphere for trainees along with expert faculty and good placement program making it a tempting destination for teachers and aspiring teachers planning to embark on an international TEFL career. read more
TEFL Course in India
TEFL Course in India is a 3 weeks onsite program which imparts a comprehensive training on the methodologies of TEFL and gives a unique opportunity to learn, teach and travel exploring a diverse country like India with its fascinating landscapes and vibrant cultures. read more
Pre and Primary Teacher Training
ATI’s Pre and Primary Teacher Training course offered in both online and distance modes is a globally recognized, extensive program emphasizing the current techniques and latest methodologies of teaching at the pre and primary levels for both aspiring and professional teachers. read more
Train the Trainer
ATI’s Train the Trainer program caters to the requirements of a new breed of training professionals and is designed to meet the requirements of trainers from different fields of training like Soft Skills, H R, Sales and Marketing, Corporate and Individual training and others. read more
Education Management
Education Management Program is for those with a penchant for getting into administration and management related functions of academic institutes and wish to move into a platform of authorized decision making and leadership​ and ​​to make a positive difference and also at the same time take their career to the next level. read more

ATI Worldwide

ATI is a true global institution with offices in Thailand, China, India France, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Mexico, USA, UK, South Africa, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Study In class and Online

ATI provides both in class and online courses which are intensive and interactive catering to the new breed of aspiring teachers and trainers eyeing an international career in the prosperous education sector.


Academic Strengths

Trainees pursuing the various comprehensive and learner centered teacher training courses at ATI receive complete tutor support to enhance their teaching/training skills along with adequate and relevant study materials and useful videos.


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