American TESOL Institute is a name synonymous with teacher training courses. It was established way back in the year of 2002 in Baton Rouge, LA, USA. Its headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida. Dr. John May is the President of ATI and Jonathan Lazarus the Director. For many years, American TESOL Institute has been focused on the skills of teaching English as a second language and therefore, started its most renowned teacher training courses – the TEFL and the TESOL courses.


American TESOL Institute started off with its range of TEFL and TESOL courses but after gaining much success, it branched out in various other fields of teacher training and trainer training courses.

In-Class TEFL Course
American TESOL Institute offers In-Class TEFL courses along with its range of TEFL courses in online modes. The In-Class TEFL courses are suitable for both aspiring ESL professionals as well as experienced professionals wishing to improvise their teaching skills. This course also opens up a lot of opportunities for professionals wishing to change their current career paths and take up ESL jobs. The In-Class TEFL courses acquaint aspirants with the latest methodologies and approaches of ESL teaching. It prepares aspiring ESL teachers with the complexities of teaching English to speakers of other languages and the ways to overcome the hindrances.

American TESOL Institute’s In-Class TEFL courses prepare ESL teachers to plan lessons suitable for a particular group. It helps aspirants to teach the basics of English language namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing and developing vocabulary. The other nuances of English language like grammar, phonetics and context setting are also covered in these courses. These courses also comprise of assignments which the candidates have to clear in order to get the certification. ATI’s In-Class TEFL courses thoroughly prepare teachers to become successful ESL teachers.

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Online TEFL Courses

American TESOL Institute also offers online TEFL courses. It is definitely a cheaper and a more convenient way of getting a TEFL Certificate. A lot of professional teachers as well as students aspire to get a TEFL Certificate but are unable to achieve their dreams because of the distance from the onsite courses or the expenses associated with the onsite courses or simply because of time constraints. American TESOL Institute’s online TEFL courses are therefore, a great option for many aspiring ESL professionals. Upon signing up for the course, they get easy access to the study material online and can pursue the courses from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It saves the trainees the time, money, energy and hassle usually involved with travelling to attend the onsite courses.

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Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course

American TESOL Institute’s Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training course is a very popular course. It is available in both online and distance modules. This teacher training Diploma course comes with an additional feature – specialization in teaching English.

Everyone acknowledges that teaching children is a very demanding and a challenging task. An individual must go through a proper teacher training course to learn all the skills, know-how and techniques required to teach children for the education imparted to them in their formative years forms the very foundation upon which a child later grows and develops. Therefore, teachers have to be very skilled because the impact of their teachings is very profound on the minds of children and help shape up their lives.

American TESOL Institute has therefore, designed a complete teacher training course called the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training with Specialization in English. It is suitable for teachers wishing to teach children aged between 2 to 12 years of age. Once a teacher goes through this course, he or she is adequately trained to teach in any pre-primary or primary school such as Nursery, Montessori, etc. This also provides the flexibility to the teachers to choose their areas of teaching at their own wills.

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Train the Trainer Course

After successfully running its range of teacher training courses, American TESOL Institute also introduced its trainer training courses. The concept of training has developed in the recent years. Professionals in corporates like Managers, Senior Managers, HR professionals, CEOs are constantly required to train teams and subordinates. But in order to fulfil their training responsibilities, they first need to go through appropriate trainer training programs. Therefore, American TESOL Institute introduced its Train the Trainer courses to train corporate professionals as well as aspiring and professional full-time trainers.

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