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Course Outline

You can now pursue TEFL in the capital city of Delhi. A 3-week course has been designed by American TESOL Institute (ATI) keeping in mind the needs of both aspiring and experienced teachers who are interested in making an international career in teaching and are simultaneously looking to visit exotic locations around the globe. You are getting the golden opportunity to pursue a TEFL course in a city both immersed in history and modernity.

The courses provided by American TESOL Institute (ATI) mainly focus on the methods and methodologies used in TEFL that you can incorporate while teaching in diverse classrooms around the globe. The 120-hour comprehensive course will enhance your language skills and assist you in becoming a skilled and successful EFL/ESL teacher. The certificate that you will be awarded after the completion of the course will be of immense importance as it will permit you to teach EFL/ESL in various parts of the world.

Course Fee & Duration

The course is priced at 45000 INR inclusive of GST.You can avail the course and make a confirmation by completing the payment. After you have made a confirmation regarding your course, you will receive an email stating the details about the payment procedure. The payment procedure is quite simple and can be easily completed. However, the mentioned price is not inclusive of accommodation and requires a separate payment.


  • 27th Jan - 14th Feb 2020
  • 16th Mar - 3rd Apr 2020
  • 11th May - 29th May 2020
  • 22nd Jun - 10th Jul 2020

About Delhi

Delhi is a mix of old-world charm and glitz of modern life. While the narrow alleys and popular streets will distract you with its chaos, it will also provide you the most colorful corners of the city. The city is also popular for its food scene and will surely tantalise your taste buds with the fusion of flavours it brings to its food from every corner of the subcontinent.There is another delicacy that you must not forget to get a taste of while in Delhi is the famous Dilli-ka-Chaat.

Apart from it, you can witness several riches in the emporiums of the city. You can also visit Delhi's delirious street bazaars where you can find an array of items starting from clothes, slippers, handicrafts, shawls to food, electronics and more. If not buying, you can just indulge in window shopping and click pictures.

Job Opportunities

You will not sit home idle after doing a TEFL course. Opportunities are sure to come your way from various parts of the world. The TEFL teaching industry is a rapidly growing industry specially in countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Egypt and also South America. A TEFL course will open several avenues and definitely widen your job prospects. You should be aware of the fact that a TEFL teacher is handsomely paid and you can go places in your teaching career with one certificate in your pocket.


American TESOL Institute is supported by various global organizations and esteemed professional bodies. Successful completion of TEFL course will make you eligible for a globally recognized certificate awarded by American TESOL Institute (ATI).

This globally accepted certificate will help you to further your career as you get trained in latest approaches to English teaching and apply those in real classrooms.

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Why TEFL and Teacher Training Course from ATI?

The varied online and onsite training courses offered by ATI acquaint the trainees with the innovative teaching methods and contemporary approaches helping them to shape into global teaching/training professionals. The course contents adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the courses are conducted by highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers. Moreover, ATI provides an international certification and extends all kinds of job assistance to the trainees on successful completion of the courses.

Our Different TEFL and TESOL Courses

American TESOL Institute is a globally recognized teacher training organization providing an array of multiple courses like TEFL, TESOL, EFL, ESL both in class and online mode. The TEFL courses are aimed at preparing global educators confident enough to face any classroom around the world. All the courses impart a comprehensive training on the skills and techniques required for teaching and training to a wider student base scattered across different nations ranging from young children to adult learners with completely different grasping levels.

Our Accreditation

American TESOL Institute is identified with quality and reliability and its programs are revered across America and the certificates recognized globally. The credibility of American TESOL Institute lies in the satisfaction of our students and the innumerable academic institutions and governmental bodies which acknowledge our courses. ATI is an Institution of Post Secondary Education as listed by the U.S Secretary of Education of the United States Department of Education.